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Toxic Chemicals In Food and Water

Advancing technology carries an expensive price tag. One of these price tags is toxic chemicals in food and water. Though not widely acknowledged by the very agencies that are supposed to look out for the American public's welfare, many chronic diseases spring from these toxins.

Some toxic chemicals in food and water are added to combat impurities and bacteria. Others are added to enhance flavor and to give food products 'eye' appeal. Then too, some toxins are created during processing.

Unbiased studies have shown that toxic chemicals in food and water can lead to cancer, weight gain, fluorosis, arthritis, dementia, etc. Yet rarely are these conditions traced back to their cause-toxins in our food and water supply.




Sodium Nitrite

Bisphenol A (BPA)


Artificial Sweeteners

Genetically Modified Ingredients

Bovine Growth Hormone

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Factory Farming


"In summary, we hold that fluoridation is an unreasonable risk. That is, the toxicity of fluoride is so great and the purported benefits associated with it are so small-if there are any at all-that requiring every man, woman, an child in America to ingest it borders on criminal behavior on the part of governments" (Dr. J. William Hirzy, Senior Vice-President, Headquarters Union, US Environmental Protection Agency, March 26, 2001.)

The nationwide fluoridation of the public water supply began in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945.

Fluoride is added to approximately two-thirds of America's public drinking water. Alledgedly it is for the protection of our teeth. But studies show no benefit between fluoridated water and non-fluoridated water.

This dangerous chemical is added to toothpaste too. However if you look carefully on a tube of toothpaste, you will find the following warning, 'Do not swallow, and in case of accidental ingestion, contact the poison control center."

The amount of fluoride you would have to swallow in order to be affected is only about a quarter of a milligram which is the amount contained in a pea-sized quantity. A quarter of a milligram of fluoride is the amount contained in 8 ounces of water that you drink every day. Yet there is no warning from the water company or any federal agency about any possible dangers!

Fluoridated water has 250 times more fluoride than mother's milk. The ADA (American Dental Association) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) both warn parents not to give their infants fluoridated water for drinking nor use it in their formulas.

Since most municipalities in the United States fluoridate the water, you need a filtration system in your home to remove it. A reverse osmosis filter can remove fluoride.

The following list of medical problems have been linked to fluoride:

  • increases lead absorption
  • hyperactivity and/or lethargy
  • brain damage and lowered IQ
  • dementia
  • lowers thyroid function
  • genetic damage and cell death
  • interferes with immune function
  • muscle disorders
  • arthritis
  • bone fractures
  • increases tumor and cancer rate
  • This list is by no means exhaustive.
    The great fluoride deception.


    Almost everyone is drinking bottled water. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Manufacturers are clamoring to cater to health-conscious Americans with sweetened bottled water. One, Glaceau, has come out with a colorful product known as Vitaminwater. Other equally sugary vitamin waters are manufactured by Dasani, Aquafina, Sobe and Propel.

    The first thing I see when I walk into my local Shop-Rite are pallets loaded with Vitaminwater. It is a beautiful display because the bottles vary in color. Glaceau has spent millions on marketing because Vitaminwater commercials are all over the television networks.

    Vitaminwater is nothing more than water with a healthy dose of sugar added. If you read the nutrition label, you will find that a bottle contains 2.5 servings. One serving has 13 grams of sugar in it. That means the entire bottle contains (and let's face it, no one is going to drink just one serving) 33 grams of sugar!

    After water, the next two ingredients are cane sugar and crystalline fructose. Ingredients are listed on nutrition labels according to their amounts. This means that cane sugar and crystalline fructose are the second and third largest quantities of ingredients in Vitaminwater. By the way, the ubiquitous sugar in all of its forms contributes to our global and skyrocketing obesity epidemic.

    Don't let the fact that Glaceau fortifies its product with vitamins blind-side you. They are chemically synthesized. The body does not process these fake vitamins as it does natural vitamins found in real food. And nutritionists recommend that you get all or most of your vitamins from food. A good multi-vitamin/mineral capsule should suffice to close the gap between the nutrients you may not get in your food.

    And don't be fooled by clever marketing schemes by clever manufacturers. All they care about is your money. If you desire 'taste' from water, squeeze a little lemon or lime into it. Another alternative is to add the natural sweetener stevia.
    Deceptive advertising by the owner of Vitaminwater -- Coca-Cola

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