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Recommended Healthy Products That I Use For Nutritious Eating

The following list contains healthy products which I use and heartily recommend. I receive no compensation from the manufacturers for this endorsement. I fully believe in these products, and believe that they contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Simply Organic Tumeric
Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs
ShopRite Certified Organic Brown Eggs
Organic Prairie Pasture Raised Ground Beef
Nature's Reserve Free Range Beef
Wild Planet Wild Sardines In Water
Jarrow Whey Protein (Organic)
Clayton's Organic Ground Beef
Amy's Kitchen
Tom's Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste

Simply Organic Turmeric- Distributed by Frontier Natural Products Co-Op, Norway, IA. This product has no fillers or anything other than organic turmeric. It has the USDA organic seal.

I purchase this product at Shoprite supermarket.

Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil- Coconut is a 'superfood.' It is made of medium-chain triglycerides which do not get stored as fat. Manufacturer is 'Nutriva.'

Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs- These are grade AA large eggs which are USDA certified organic. They are also certified humanely raised and handled.

These eggs come from hens which are cage-free and given vegetarian feed. They have not been given medications, antibiotics, or pesticides. Two eggs contain 400 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

ShopRite Certified Organic Brown Eggs- Grade A large with a USDA organic seal.

These eggs come from cage-free hens who are fed grain without use of antibiotics. Their feed is pesticide and herbicide free.

'Many people are health conscious and into organic foods. ShopRite organic eggs are totally drug free containing no antibiotics, hormones, herbicides or pesticides. The hens are free roaming and drink from natural spring water.

The hens are fed strictly controlled high quality organic certified "all vegetarian" diet. The feed contains certified organic grains with no animal fats or by-products. These eggs are monitored by the USDA and Pennsylvania Certified Organic.'

Organic Prairie Pasture Raised Ground Beef- This excellent product bears the USDA Organic seal; it is 85% lean beef with 15% fat.

I stumbled upon this product by accident. I went to the meat section at my local Shop Rite supermarket looking for the closest thing I could get to organically-raised ground beef.

I found the Organic Prairie ground beef after a thorough search. Curious but delighted, I went online to this company's website (Organic Prairie.)

Although it is USDA organic certified, Organic Prairie goes beyond government requirements. One mandatory step in receiving the certification is that the animals must have "access to pasture." But the government says nothing about the length of time, nor exactly what the animals can be fed.

Organic Prairie goes beyond government standards.

"Because of their commitment to working in harmony with nature, Organic Prairie producers prefer to provide their animals with as much pasture as they can. The Cooperative's own production standards require that ruminant (grass-eating) animals have access to well-managed pasture as a significant portion of their feed whenever it is in season - a minimum of 3 months in most regions."

"Many Organic Prairie farmers pasture their livestock for all but the coldest winter months" (Read pasture-raised.)

Conventionally raised cattle - what you will typically find in your local butcher shop or supermarket - begin their lives in pasture, but finish the last third or half of their lives confined in feedlots. They are fed a strict diet of grain - predominantly corn.

This is the essence of America's factory farming system (also known as confined animal feeding operations, CAFO.)

In contrast to conventional meat processing, pasture raised cattle:

"Pasture-based farming means the cattle are fed primarily outdoors on pasture. They may be fed entirely on pasture when it is in season. Beef cattle, unless they are 100% grass-fed, usually finish on a mix of hay and grain for the last 3 months of a 18 month to 2-year life cycle, in order to provide the choice grade fat and marbling that consumers still associate with good flavor.

"A key difference from conventional production is that during this time, pasture-based cattle are free to roam on pasture, even in the winter, and are eating as much fresh grass as possible, with grain and cut forage as a small part of their overall diet" (grass fed VS. grain fed.)

At home I made patties out of the ground beef. The taste is delicious. Conventional ground beef can't even come close.

You also have peace of mind knowing that you are NOT consuming excess omega-6 fatty acids from grain-fed beef, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, and pesticides.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Organic Prairie ground beef a 10! I heartily recommend that if you eat conventionally raised meat, that you switch to organic, pasture-fed meat such as Organic Prairie. It is a lot more healthier for you and your family.

P.S. I am in no way a paid spokesman for Organic Prairie; I am not financially compensated for pushing their products. I just think they are superior to the average meat in your grocery store.

Nature's Reserve Free Range Beef- This product is sold in Shop Rite; my wife recently bought this product and I just happened to see it in the freezer.

Upon a closer examination of the beef, I discovered that it stated "free-range" on the label. The label also stated that the beef had no added hormones or antibiotics.

Nature's Reserve is produced by the global meat company Meatco. Meatco supplies high quality meat to high end retailers all around the globe. They have offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

I went to the Nature's Reserve website to get information about the company. The source of this beef is Namibia. The animals from which this beef is produced is indeed free ranged.

The standards the company adheres to are very strict. The cattle are permanently tagged and tracked.

Every Namibian farmer who sells to Meatco must belong to the Farm Assured Namibian Meat Scheme (FAN Meat.) This scheme mandates quality husbandry, predator control, and animals free from unnatural processing. Namibian farming is a centuries old tradition.

Nature's Reserve free ranged beef doesn't bear the USDA Organic seal because the beef originates from outside the United States, and processed by a European company. But it is equivalent to free-ranged beef produced in the United States because the company doesn't employ the factory farmed system (also known as confined animal feeding operations.)

Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Water- These sardines are sustainably caught in the Pacific Ocean.

The back of each box says:

"Ounce for ounce, Wild Planet sardines provide more calcium and phosphorous than milk, more iron than spinach, more potassium than coconut water and bananas and as much protein as steak. One can of Wild Planet sardines contains 313 mg EPA and 688mg DHA Omega 3 and is an ample source of vitamin B12, vitamin D and selenium..."
Wild Planet

Jarrow Whey Protein (Organic)- Whey is a superior source of protein. Now Jarrow has come up with an organic line of whey protein concentrate.

Whey, especially organic whey from grass-fed cows, is a rich source of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). Of all the BCAAs, leucine is important in its ability to induce muscle growth and stop muscle breakdown after intense exercise.

Jarrow organic whey is sourced from cows which are hormone-free and raised by small family farm suppliers. It contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or additives of any kind. Jarrow organic whey has only one ingredient - 100 percent natural unfiltered whey.

One serving has 17 grams of protein and a one pound container holds 20 servings (serving size is 2 scoops). This product comes in unflavored and french vanilla. It is sweetened with stevia.

I searched the web for a supplier which sells Jarrow Organic Whey for the lowest price. My search led me to ( The Natural online store which sells it for $22.61.

Clayton's Organic Ground Beef- raised exclusively for ShopRite; Clayton's ground beef is 100% USDA Organic certified. The cattle is raised on a family farm in Australia. They are free-ranged and eat sorghum and other natural grasses.

Amy's Kitchen- The organic food producer Amy's Kitchen originated in 1987 at the birth of the founders' daughter, Amy. Amy's father, Andy Berliner, was the president of Magic Mountain Herb Tea Company while her mother, Rachel, grew up in a family who grew and ate opganically since the 1950s.

Amy's Kitchen makes many different canned and packaged meals. They are guaranteed free of GMOs and other unnatural substances. The foods are hand-prepared from completely organic ingredients. (You can view their product line at

Wanting to push Proposition 37, Amy's Kitchen has donated $100,000 to the cause.
Source: Natural

Tom's of Maine- This product is fluoride-free and all-natural. Fluoride is a dangerous substance despite what you may hear through the media and from the government. (Read the warning on your toothpaste tube.)

All ingredients are sourced from food or plant and none are chemically-derived. This includes the misunderstood carrageenan.

Other ingredients include calcium carbonate, glycerin (the sourced oils are not from genetically modified grain), xylitol, and hydrated silica.
Source: Tom's of Maine Ingredients

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