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living a healthy lifestyle

Living A God-Glorifying Life Through Good Health.
(Featured on CNN)

When I was growing up in the '50s and '60s, there was no obesity epidemic, and children were not developing old-age maladies such as heart disease. Cancer, Alzheimer's, and autism were virtually unheard of. Living a healthy lifestyle was a lot easier. More...

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"By Living A Healthy Lifestyle You Can Lose Weight Permanently"

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Eat Your Veggies to Lose Belly Fat

You're doing hours upon hours of sit-ups, crunches, and leg raises and still can't lose that unsightly fat around your waist. You've also put yourself on a rigid diet plan but it seems as though you are just spinning your wheels.

It's not your fault. The food you eat, the water you drink, and the air around you contain chemicals known as xeno estrogens which promote abdominal fat. Fight this fat by eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collard and turnip greens.

What Is "Living A Healthy Lifestyle"?

Living a healthy lifestyle is not as easy as it once was. When I was growing up in the '50s to early '60s there weren't many activities that could keep us indoors instead of playing outdoors (we didn't have video games, 24/7 television, cell phones, Internet). Our food was a lot healthier too.

But modern technology has changed all that. Living a healthy lifestyle in the 21st century requires careful food planning, shopping, and a consistent exercise program. But don't let that discourage you. It can be done.

This website will show you how, and what to avoid in order to lead a disease-free healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle requires a solid nutrition program, a consistent exercise program, and a healthy mindset and outlook on life.

The first step to living a healthy lifestyle begins in the mind. You've got to believe in it and want to do it. But once you learn the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings, you will want to put it in place immediately.

When your mind is made up, the next step is to implement the lifestyle and do it consistently. This takes discipline. Since you have already developed a healthy lifestyle mindset, the discipline is as easy to follow as the yellow brick road.

This particular yellow brick road will not lead you to the wizard of Oz, but to a lifelong passion and pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle For Women Can Be Challenging

(Two generations of women.)

You will find more health and lifestyle information on women than on kids, men, and seniors. The women's web page is therefore much larger and more inclusive than the others.

Women face unique challenges. In her report entitled "Trends in Health Status and Health Care Use Among Older Women," Kristen Robinson, Ph.D. says:

"Older women live longer, develop different chronic conditions, and experience a higher prevalence of functional limitations than older men."
Source: Senior Journal.com

As an example, women face a greater risk of developing osteoporosis than men. Chronic conditions that greater numbers of older women face than men include high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, and bronchitis.

Take your time and read the information presented. You will discover nutrition and health procedures and nutrients which will protect you from chronic disease, and potentially harmful mainstream medical treatments.

joseph elijah barrettBuild a toned midsection with these exercises If you want rock-hard abs like these, you have to melt away that body fat. But exercise is needed to tone and build abdominal muscles. The armor plating you see at left is the result of the stripping away of excess body fat and an intense abdominal workout. My workout included some weights because I wanted to enlarge the muscles. But if you don't want to build up these muscles, skip the weights. More...

Living a healthy lifestyle news bulletin. Public health officials in New York state and several other states want to tax obesity-promoting sugary beverages as a means of fighting this escalating problem. What are your thoughts of this tax to fight obesity? Weigh in here.

Frankenfood-The Truth About Genetically Modified Food. Untested and potentially dangerous genetically modified ingredients are so prevalent in the United States that you have a 75 percent chance of buying a product that contains them every time you go shopping at your favorite supermarket. More...

Must read-A humorous look at America's love affair with junk food--contrary to living a healthy lifestyle. The author of this hilarious piece is unknown.

lift weights 
intelligentlyHow to Lift Weights Intelligently

I don't want to make it sound as if weight training is complicated - that you have to be a rocket scientist in order to do it right. But on the other hand I don't wish to paint a picture of 'tip-toeing through the tulips' with careless abandon either.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do anything. That includes lifting weights. And although it isn't difficult, doing it the wrong way can lead to injury (which is counterproductive to your goal.)

This eBook is yours free. 22 pages. Download your copy here.

beat cancer Beating Cancer

Cancer statistics are frightening. It hits one out of every two men in the United States and one out of every three women.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in children between the ages of one and fourteen years old. Every year 1.2 million Americans develop cancer, and a new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds. 98 pages.

Get your free copy (eBOOK) here .

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I just wanted to thank you for this site. You provide great info and I will be back to tell my story. I have learned even more that I did not know. I weigh 340 pounds and am a former College Offensive line man. I currently am a football coach. I have the drive and work ethic to bring it down. With the info I have gathered here today, I am better equipped to do so. Thanks. Nevin, KS

Wow. I really learned a lot on your prevent cancer link and aspartame. I have long warned friends about that and your article is very convincing. Marilyn, CT

I just want to say how your web site is excellent!!! I found it very informative...Good work!... Dennis, Australia

Hi...I want to first thank you for the information you have provided here on your page. I was researching the dangers of infant formula due to its content of High Fructose Corn Syrup. which I am in the process of eliminating... Christy, TN

Hi health guy...thanks for your blog! Rebecca, NY

Cool site. Rob, MA

Good website. Chris, South Australia

I came across www.living-a-healthy-lifestyle.com in the search engines. Great job! I have signed up to your newsletter and can't wait to receive your great information...Really interesting site you have with unique angles on topics within the health and weight loss area. Adrian, East Essex, United Kingdom

I ran upon your Twitter post on taking L-Arginine in replace of pharmaceuticals and couldn't agree more...Also, I love your site. I try to eat a handful of almonds a day too. Very true and educational. Angela, VA

...I am emailing you to thank you for the best health website I have ever visited! I have tweeted and Facebook-posted about your unbelievably inclusive and informative website! Thanks a zillion! Pamela P, impamdoc@gmail.com

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Strengthen your lower back by playing "Superman"

As I was flipping through the pages of Muscle & Performance magazine, I came upon an exercise movement that targets the lower back.

I happen to have a bad lower back which I need to keep strong. To strengthen it I perform hyperextensions. For that I use a sit-up chair at the gym I attend.

But what if you were on vacation, or didn't have access to that special chair? Well this movement which I will describe fills in nicely.

This lower back exercise is called the "superman." Lie flat on your stomach with your arms outstretched above your head and palms on the floor. Now lift your arms and upper body while at the same time lifting your legs. (Don't bend the knees.)

Return to the starting position and repeat. The movement is small but extremely effective.

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