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Feeling good again!

by AleS

I was always interested in healthy food, healthy lifestyle and sports. However, once I started to take contraceptives, I put on 10 kg of weight!

I don´t think it was just fat (even though I had a much better appetite.) But I felt that my body was holding water and I looked swollen.

I didn´t feel good in my body any more, and I didn't feel that attractive. Because of these feelings I didn´t have the drive to go to the gym or to the swimming pool.

I was low on energy too.

After 8 months I decided not to take the pills any more. When I stopped taking them, I lost 3 kg straight away (probably water.) But I was still 7 kg overweight.

I met a lady who works with natural products for losing weight. Together we made a special program for myself. I decided I had to be strict.

In the morning I had a protein shake with a little bit of oatmeal. Then I did at least one hour of exercise.

After exercising I normally have a protein bar or piece of fruit. My lunch was light - salad and fish or piece of chicken.

In the afternoon I eat just a yogurt or 1 boiled egg. In the evening I have a light dinner.

After one month I lost 4 kg! And now I have my weight back completely! I weigh 55 kg!

I am still keeping my regimen. Sometimes of course I have something sweet to eat or even a hamburger. But after that I know what to do to get myself in balance again.

I feel really good, and I think the most important thing is to keep my blood sugar constant. When you eat little portions throughout the day you won't eat just anything because you are hungry.

It is very important to feel good and have joy in life. So if eating something sweet once in a while makes us feel happy, we should eat it and not have a guilty conscience.

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Nov 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

nice job

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