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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #032 -- Introduction to "How to Lift Weights Intelligently"
May 21, 2008

(Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle)

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Week of May 25, 2008

Table of Contents

* Introduction to "How to Lift Weights Intelligently *

Introduction to "How to Lift Weights Intelligently"

What follows is the introduction to my upcoming ebook How to Lift Weights Intelligently. When completed, I will offer it as a FREE, down loadable copy on my website Living A Healthy Lifestyle.

This book is based on my 30 years experience as a bodybuilder, including amateur competition. It will be a complete introduction to safe and productive strength training through weights.

Weight training should be an integral part in everyone's life-from the teenager to Mr. and Mrs. Senior citizen. As a matter of fact, strength training is essential to keeping the elderly out of nursing homes, and to prevent the natural loss of muscle as the body ages.

So look for it on my Home Page within the next couple of months. And again, it is completely free!


You may have thought lifting weights to be a ‘no brainer.’ After all, you just lift a dumbbell or barbell a set number of times and then rest. Right? Well, yes and no.

I don’t want to make it sound as if weight training is complicated–that you have to be a rocket scientist in order to do it right. But on the other hand I don’t wish to paint a picture of ‘tip-toeing through the tulips’ with careless abandon either. There is a right way and a wrong way to do anything. That includes lifting weights. And although it isn’t difficult, doing it the wrong way can lead to injury (which is counterproductive to your goal.)

The purpose of this e-book is to give you my thirty years of bodybuilding experience. In those thirty years I have made every mistake in the book, and maybe a few that are not in the book.

In 1978 I knew I wanted to lift weights in order to ‘beef’ up my pathetically thin physique. I just didn’t know the correct way to perform many of the exercises. Although I had purchased Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book, Education of a Bodybuilder, I had no hands-on experience.

The book though inspired me, and showed the great variety of exercises for various body parts. Arnold carefully explained each exercise, and the correct technique to use. The text was accompanied with photos of the ‘Austrian Oak’ himself performing the exercises.

Lifting weights unintelligently can lead to injuries which will delay your exercise program, and frustrations which will perhaps turn you away from this bone and muscle strengthening regime.

Thank God I’ve never had any serious injuries–those which required surgery to repair. Or bad enough to keep me out of the gym for months at a time. But I have had numerous nagging injuries which age has magnified (I am now 56 years old.) These injuries, though not serious, could nevertheless have been avoided.

I will explain the mind-set that you should adopt before beginning a weight lifting program, or one that you can retrofit into an existing program. It is never too late to learn.

How to Lift Weights Intelligently is a ‘learn from my mistakes’ e-book. Done correctly, weight training can be incorporated into your daily exercise program despite your age or gender. I personally know two gentlemen in their 80s who continue to lift weights. And there are many women, young and old, who enjoy ‘pumping iron.’

Lifting weights has become not only a passion, but way of life for me. It is definitely something everyone of us should incorporate into his or her life. It offers benefits that cardiovascular or aerobics just can’t. Don’t get me wrong. Aerobics has its place in any exercise program. I just want to emphasize that it isn’t an either/or proposition. Lifting weights and aerobics go hand-in-hand.

Weight lifting and aerobics can both be incorporated into the same program too. It is not necessary to have two separate programs. Circuit training combines weights with aerobics. In this type of program you will use lighter weights than you would normally use if you did each separately. You will also not rest in between sets. This will give you the aerobic or cardio effect.

Everything that goes for weight training as a separate program applies to circuit training too. After all, you can just as easily injure yourself using a lighter weight or not warming up properly as you can using heavier weights.

Weight lifting will prevent the inevitable muscle loss (atrophy) which naturally happens as we age. By age 40, a person begins losing one percent of his muscle per year. Did you know that studies have shown that a person in his/her 80s can double his/her strength in six weeks in a supervised weight training program?

Note these other benefits of weight lifting:

  • one pound of muscle has 600 calories while one pound of fat contains 3,500 calories
  • you can lose 11 pounds in a year by lifting weights twice a week
  • for every three pounds of muscle gained through weight lifting, your metabolic rate increases by 120 calories per day.
  • With all the of the above and countless other benefits that are derived from a consistent weight lifting program, no one wants to be sidelined with an injury that could easily have been prevented. That’s where intelligent weight lifting comes in.

    Through my years of lifting weights, I have been guilty of lifting weights which were too heavy. That in turn has led to lifting in ‘bad form.’ I have also started a lifting session without adequately warming up, or forgoing warming up altogether. I have also experimented with lifting weights without first eating.

    All of these issues and more will be addressed in this e-book.

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