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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #68 -- Unsuspected Cause of Breast Cancer
March 18, 2011

(Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle)

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Unsuspected Cause of Breast Cancer

Of all the cancers affecting women today, breast cancer is the second worst (lung cancer is number one.) Alarmingly though, global rates of breast cancer are on the upswing.

Cancerous cells thrive on unbound iron. Researchers from the Department of Biomolecular Sciences in Urbino, Italy discovered that women with breast cancer have higher levels of both aluminum and ferritin, an iron transport protein, than women without the disease.

These researchers found that out by removing fluids from the nipples of breast cancer patients. Examining this fluid is an easy way to measure aluminum, CRP, and ferritin levels.

Women with breast cancer have significantly higher aluminum levels than women without; their levels of ferritin are 5 times as much as women who don't have breast cancer. Other studies have confirmed this observation.

In previous studies, researchers found that one's intake of iron did not necessarily correlate with the risk of breast cancer. Rather, the release of iron from its protective proteins, such as ferritin and transferrin, was critical.

Of the iron that comes from food, over 90 percent is bound by protective proteins like ferritin and tranferrin. Bound iron is harmless. It is the unbound or free iron that is at the center of burgeoning breast cancer cases.

There are several lifestyle issues that can produce deadly, free iron. Excessive alcohol is one.

Studies show that women who consume over 20 grams of alcohol daily have a significant increase of free iron in their breast tissue. They also have a greater incidence of invasive breast cancer - the deadliest form of the disease.

Large quantities of estrogen can produce free iron too. This is why there is an assocation between high estrogen levels and breast cancer.

Aluminum can cause iron to become dislodged from its protective protein. Its source? Underarm antipersprants is one. Another is vaccine adjuvants.

The quantity of aluminum in vaccines is staggering - especially in anthrax, hepatitis, and tetanus vaccines. Sadly, our children are receiving aluminum saturated vaccines which exceed the safety level established by the FDA.

A recent study by Lucija Tomljenovik and Chris Shaw found that a newborn receives a dose of aluminum that exceeds FDA safety limits (5mg/kg/day) for injected aluminum by 20-fold, and at 6 months of age a dose that was 50-fold higher than FDA safety limits.

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