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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #034 -- Tips To a Tighter Tummy
June 20, 2008

(Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle)

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Week of June 22, 2008

Table of Contents

* Tips To a Tighter Tummy *

Tips To a Tighter Tummy

How many people get envious when confronted with a 'tight' and flat stomach? Doesn't it make you do a double-take?

That can be you. You too can be the envy of family and friends. Over the years people have commented that they want to look like me. Being the modest fellow that I am, I reply, "you want to look better than me."

I will show you how you too can have that fabled six-pack. And it won't be all show either. You will discover that a flat stomach is a side benefit of a healthy lifestyle.

Where Do I Begin?

The first step to having a tight tummy is to make up in your mind that you want to have a tight tummy. Once the mind is made up, the body will follow.

Okay, So Now What Do I Do?

The key to a tight tummy is not tons of sit ups. It is making an adjustment to your eating habits. No, I am not talking about dieting. Diets are worthless.

(1) Your tummy tightening routine will consist of substitution. You will substitute unhealthy eating habits with healthy eating habits. Here are the substitutions you will make:

  • substitute whole grain for processed grain. Eliminate white rice and bread and substitute brown rice and whole grain bread.
  • substitute sweet potatoes for white potatoes.
  • substitute filtered water for soda (diet too) and fruit drinks.
  • substitute turkey and chicken breasts and fish for red meat.
  • substitute home-cooked meals for fast foods and take-out.
  • substitute raw veggies, peanuts and nuts, raisins for snack and junk foods.
  • eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. A study has confirmed that grapefruit does help in weight loss. Incorporate this fruit daily.
  • eat more monounsaturated fat; nuts such as walnuts, pecans, and almonds contain this fat. Extra-virgin olive oil is also a good source of monounsaturated fat.
  • The foods you eat are crucial to a healthy lifestyle and having a tight tummy.

    (2) You will also want to increase the frequency of your meals. Eating 5 to 6 meals a day will keep your metabolism revved up. Keep in mind too that digestion burns calories.

    Naturally when you eat this often, you will never get hungry. This means that it is unlikely that your will overeat. This healthy eating plan is chock full of fiber. Fiber will fill you up and improve your body's elimination process.

    (3) It has been proven that the one macro nutrient which will satiate (fill you up) the most is protein. Include a source of protein with every meal.

    When reducing your body fat levels (which is necessary in order for you to have a tight tummy), it is important that you increase your protein intake. This will help you to target body fat for burning and keep your precious lean body mass (muscle.)

    (4) Exercise. Incorporate a light weight lifting program as a part of your healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that weight lifting will keep your metabolism on after burn. You will be burning calories even when sitting around doing nothing.

    Weight training along with a nutritious eating program will normalize your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. You will also drastically reduce your risk of several cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.

    Include some waist training movements such as sit ups and crunches.

    (5) Supplement with a good multivitamin/mineral and Tonalin CLA (conjugated linoleic acid.) Many studies have shown that CLA will help burn body fat and increase muscle at the same time.

    How Long Will This Take?

    You don't want to lose any more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. Take your time-this is not a race. Use the mirror and a tape measure to gage your progress.

    A scale doesn't give you a good indication when it comes to losing fat. It is possible for your weight to remain the same and still lose fat. This happens when your muscle increases at the same rate you lose body fat.

    Ta Daaaa-It's a Brand New You

    You will be proud of your efforts when your waistline begins to shrink, and your tummy becomes more toned. And you will not feel deprived at mealtime either. That's why this program is called a healthy lifestyle.

    Imagine the feeling you will get when you can't wait until beach weather comes around. You will be able to show off your brand new tight tummy.

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