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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #74 -- Living A Healthy Lifestyle Website Is 4 Years Old
June 11, 2011

(Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle)

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Living A Healthy Lifestyle Website Is 4 Years Old

Living A Healthy Lifestyle ( is 4 years old this month.

The four years spent researching, developing, and maintaining this health website has been nothing less than a pleasure and learning experience.

When I got the inspiration to develop a health website, I merged it with my Christian website ( This was the level of commitment I felt back then. (In addition to the fact that I simply couldn't afford to have another website hosted.)

I have gradually developed a love and interest in health ever since I began jogging in the mid-1970s, and bodybuilding in the late to early 1980s.

But I suppose the seed was planted by my father. He frequented the health food store and ate healthy meals. My father even "made" us put wheat germ on our food.

It is no wonder that I was bitten by the health bug. But health encompasses a lot of territory. Although I could have focused on one of several hundred aspects, I decided to take in the entire field.

But it has been, and will no doubt continue to be, a fascinating journey.

I am committed to bringing you the latest news and advancements in nutrition and alternative health. I will also continue to be committed to removing the covers from traditional or conventional medicine when it conflicts with alternative medicine.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle is a labor of love. Please continue to visit this site as information is updated and added to daily.

And don't stop there. Pass the word along. Tell family and friends about this site.

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