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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #105 -- Is the Drought a Blessing In Disguise?
July 21, 2012

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Is the Drought a Blessing In Disguise?

One of the most publicized weather topics for the summer of 2012 is the heat wave and its unwelcomed and devastating outcome - drought.

Not only has this heat wave affected the northeastern part of the United States, i.e., New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, New York, etc., but nearly 81 percent of the adjacent US. calls this massive area "abnormally dry" (Source:

The Drought Monitor reports the following:

  • 38% of the corn crop is in "poor to very poor condition"
  • 30% of soybeans is in "poor to very poor condition"
  • 54% of US pastures and rangelands is in "poor to very poor condition"

And as if this is not bad enough, the prognosis is bleak - showing little relief for the immediate future. Government forecasters said that chances are good for the drought to not only encompass a larger area, but grow in intensity too.

"Unfortunately, all indicators (short and medium-term, August, and August-October) favor above normal temperatures...," states quoting the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center.

This natural disaster will spell doom for our nation's farmers. Without adequate rain, crops such as corn and soybean will be ruined.

Don't be surprised when food prices escalate. It is a natural consequence of droughts.

There are many products which are made with some form of corn or soybean. The greater part of cattle feed is corn. Also Mexican food is heavily dependent on corn (tortillas, tamales, corn chips.) And don't forget cereal, popcorn, and soft drinks (regular and diet sodas, fruit juices and drinks) which contain the artificial sweetener high fructose corn syrup.

Because corn and soybeans touch so many food products, prices will rise in many different foods. Beef, cereal, sodas and fruit drinks, popcorn, pastries, vegetarian products, soy milk, as well as cut corn and corn on the cob, will be affected.

However from a health standpoint, these heavily processed foods, along with the factory-farmed beef, contribute heavily to our national obesity and related disease rates. If the rising prices will discourage the average American from eating these health-destroying foods, or at least cut down on consumption, might not that be a blessing in disguise?

According to statistics, 86 percent of America's corn crop and 85 percent of soy is genetically modified. Despite the assurances of many mainstream health authorities, the FDA, and agribusinesses like Monsanto, genetically modified organisms have not been proven safe for humans.

Be sure to read this information in its entirety and follow all links in it. Many animal studies have been performed and the results have not been good.

If you want to change your present diet for the better, use this drought as a reason to get started. Reduce your purchasing of processed foods and eliminate soda and fruit drinks entirely.

Here's to better health for you and your family.

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