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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #04 -- Move Over Cardio--There's A Better Way to Lose Excess Pounds
January 23, 2010

(Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle)

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Week of January 24, 2010

Table of Contents

* Science Proves That Cardio Isn't the Best Way to Melt Those Inches *

Cardio, also known as aerobics, has long been king and the ultimate method of losing weight. Go to any gym and you will see row after row of Lifecycles, stairmasters, ski machines and other cardio equipment.

And these machines are almost never unused. The weight machines and free weight may get lonely at times, but not the endless array of cardio machines.

No one has ever challenged the commonly held belief that cardio, along with a proper nutritional plan, is the only way to lose weight. Until rather recently that is.

Science and many studies show that there is a superior way to get rid of excess body fat. Read all about it here: cardio dethroned

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