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Your Health & Wellness, Iss #98 -- The French Paradox - Lose Weight By Eating
February 21, 2012

(Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle)

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The French Paradox - Lose Weight By Eating

Just what is it that makes the naturally skinny folk around us eat like there's no tomorrow, yet give a sore eye to all the 'skinny wannabes' out there?

How do they do it? How does the mind of a naturally skinny person work? What kind of a relation do the members of this naturally skinny specie share with their own bodies?

French paradox Well, what 'The Da Vinci Code' did to unravel the mysteries of the Holy Grail, Skinny Copycat does to decode the notorious 'Skinny Brain'! In the process, Skinny Copycat does more than just bust all the myths that surround the hallowed phenomenon called 'dieting'.

Skinny Copycat allows the readers to get away with eating all that what they want, yet keep those pesky calories at an arm's length. This book clearly stands apart from the umpteen weight loss programs and those gimmicky fat loss products.

Unlike them, this book doesn't let the readers fall for the regular trappings of following a diet and exercise before undoing what needs to be undone - the way we think!

Skinny Copycat takes a step back and offers the Third Dimension; it asks each one of us - who dream of conquering the diet devils one day - to actually get into the shoes of naturally thin people, thinking and acting like they do.

Skinny Copycat is no preachy stuff. It is common sense unpacked further for the readers to be able to digest it easily. The book is a blend of powerful psychological, nutritional and fitness tips presented in the form of ten highly potent rules, followed subconsciously by the naturally skinny people.

This book urges us to fine tune our minds to the signals given by our body time and again, and like the naturally skinny do, be as close to nature as possible for a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition is not just about 'what to eat'. Rather, it's a fine art of balancing the 'what to eat' part with an equally important 'how to eat' aspect, which The Skinny Brain knows best.

If anytime you do compromise on the 'what' you can still be comfortably placed if you think like The Skinny Brain and follow your 'How Principles'. The ten rules unfolded in Skinny Copycat give pointers in this direction at every possible step.

Now here's some scoop for all those hungry for 'bytes' off some real data. According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations the French consume four times the butter and 60 percent more cheese than an average American but the obesity rate in America is 31%, making it the fattest country in the world.

By comparison, the French obesity rate is a minuscule 9.4%. It is this French dietary pattern also famously known as the "French Paradox" that this book - 'Skinny Copycat' has drawn heavy inspiration from.

Research shows that the French savor the choicest of French delicacies loaded with fats but their consumption patterns and habits are such that they continue to stay thin.

The book also throws up yet another equally startling paradox wherein it talks about one of the thinnest communities in the world safely ensconced nowhere else but in America! Every ounce of dietary wisdom known to mankind is shattered to smithereens by this extremely hard working community.

Their diet is replete with rich, farm fresh produce and like the French they too consume 'real fats'. Not surprisingly, as is the case with the French, the obesity rate for this mysterious community too, is a minuscule 4% as against rest of America's 31%!

Skinny Copycat chooses to focus on the issue of a 'sustainable weight loss' viz a viz a 'rapid weight loss' which is generally the focus of all weight loss techniques. Hence it prods the readers to focus on cultivating certain 'habits' instead of relying on 'willpower', the rationale being that while habits are long lasting, willpower is generally difficult to sustain subject to many influences.

So the emphasis is on practicing how to regulate one's mind instead of forcing it to follow a grueling regimen of do's and don'ts. This calls for each of us to be more aware of our body's internal cues and rely less on external signals.

While our diet books that are available a dime a dozen would tell you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat (in short make us mechanical calorie counters), this book gives its beneficiaries a systematic step by step approach to internalizing sensible eating habits much like those of the French.

The 'anti-diet' stance taken by this book is well justified by interspersing rationale with factual bytes of information and it makes a case in point when it attributes the upward trend in the obesity epidemic in US to a complete failure of the dieting industry and the dieting approach per se.

Both have so far been unable to create a long lasting impact on the people who go for temporary fad diets instead of nurturing a permanent intuitive approach towards eating. No wonder that in spite of around 34,503 diet books doing brisk business on Amazon alone, the number of Americans still trying to lose weight this very minute is an astonishing 54 million and still counting!

But here's the caveat; if you are looking at some magic mantra that can take you from a plus size to a size zero in 15 days flat, then this book is certainly not for you.

Neither does it allow for exercise to be given a miss. So if you are seeking a book to validate your 'a-fit-body-sans-exercise' theory then you can be sure that Skinny Copycat will veto it down. The book has an entire rule on making exercise a way of life.

In a nutshell, the book empowers the readers for making some intelligent choices for themselves; aping a blissfully healthy Skinny Brain versus succumbing to the lure of a never ending supply of diet pills, fad diets, diet books etc.

Try and rid yourself off all the painful memories of failing to stick to a 'diet'. The crucial message is to first have a healthy mind in order to be able to drive a healthy and a naturally thin body.

Copy that and get wired to be a Skinny copycat. Throw all the 'dietary caution' to the winds. You have nothing (but the weight) to lose; you just need the chutzpah to fit into the 'Oh-so-naturally-skinny' shoes!

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